Cuban tourism leads the bow and all its sails toward the high season

Cubans and the contribution of their growing presence in tourism
June 17, 2015

Cuban tourism leads the bow and all its sails toward the high season

By Yizzet Bermello
Photos Claudia Camps
Overlooking the season of winter or “high”, identified as well as the time of the year in which Cuba reports major arrivals of foreign vacationers, a comprehensive investor program was executed in the main tourist resorts of the country, looking for both revive hotel facilities and build new ones, and also growing infrastructure of leisure destinations that visitors are gaining, as the economic cities of the interior of the island.

In a recent press conference, Director of communication of the Ministry of tourism (Mintur), Dalila González, referred to these developments and also reported on the commercial actions and communication undertaken for the important period, framed between the months of November and April, and which is always accompanied by announcements of flights and operations of cruises that we were already talking.

The official noted that even in the midst of the complex international situation and the effects that causes tourism the blockade imposed by the United States Government, Cuba has not stopped its development plans, or braking in aspirations continue to grow in arrivals of travelers and improving its tourism product.

In that direction, Mintur estimated that by the year 2020 the accommodation capacity of the island reaches the 85 thousand 500 rooms, from more than 61 thousand available today, 66.5% of which have status of four and five star.

As part of the progress in this program in particular, Gonzalez explained in what being 2014 have been renovated and reconstructed several hotels in Havana, in order to increase its potential as a gateway city for the majority of visitors.

It was also reported that in several of the cays in the archipelago, in renowned tourist resorts, will be incorporated into marketing since this winter a significant number of log cabins, in all cases with high standard.

In relation to the cities which have reached in recent months their 500 years of well-founded, as well as Remedios and Santiago de Cuba, which will hold them in 2015, the directive of the Ministry indicated that they continue working on projects of new hotels, some bigger and others smaller and very custom, in order to attract a different tourism, which like the circuits and cultural products or nature associated with them.

In those destinations at the same time, various initiatives are promoted to grow and improve in terms of outside infrastructure, with the aim to ensure the product is attractive and most comprehensive available to the visitor.

It was also known that at the end of the year and beginning of 2015 must begin to operate new clubs of tour operators from Italy and France, linked to renowned establishments in the country.

They include Alpitur, Italian tour operator that will open Arenal Bravo Club while his compatriot, Eden Viaggi, will focus on the Allegro Cayo Guillermo and Eden Accor Special. On the other hand, the hotel Melia Peninsula Varadero will host French club Lookea.

Added to these good news is confirmation that are planned between November and April more than 200 scales of cruise ships, as well as numerous completely new air routes, which will help bring the island vacationers from very diverse countries.

Advertisings on their offerings for the period will be done also in Cuban markets.

Fairs and caravans

The Director of communication of the Ministry mentioned many countries and events that shall be promotional actions in the face of the high season, starting from October, with presentations and tours of the campaign real Cuba, newly completed in Spain and Portugal, and then the participation this week in the international exhibition of tourism and holidays in Quebec, Canada.

She added that in November the country will receive a familiarization tour operators and from Spain press group, and will be represented at the fairs WTM in London (nov. 3-6); Expoincentivos, Mexico (nov. 5-7); TTR, in Bucharest, Romania (nov. 13-16); Travel Mart in Shanghai (nov. 14-16); IFTC, in Barinas, Venezuela (nov. 26-30), and TTW, Poland (nov. 27-29).

Also for November agenda enters a megafam which the German tour operator Meiers has organized in the country, while a national delegation will go to the Czech Republic for another special presentation of the Cuba destination.

Between December and January, the Ministry of tourism is preparing to receive another FAM group, in this case culinary and from Russia, and for requests that are larger in the global tourism sector, the Spanish trade fair FITUR.

Cuba closes thus the efforts on the basis of a good active winter season, which contributes to its purpose of closing 2014 with three million travelers and at the same time guarantees a good start in 2015.

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