Cubans and the contribution of their growing presence in tourism

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June 17, 2015
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June 17, 2015

Cubans and the contribution of their growing presence in tourism


By Minerva I. Hernández

Cubans are happy people, party-goers, dancers, affable and make friends very easily, this is not new; but that the tourism industry recognize such features as favorable for that branch contributions, it is, even more when listening to hoteliers and executives in the sector say that Cubans cheer up hotels.

Apparently these valuations are promoting now, when already is noted the presence of nationals in the same facilities a few years ago were exclusively for international, mostly European, and Canadian visitors whose preferences and customs differ from the Cuban.

Changing the commercial approach, especially after 2010, when the tourist gaze is not only set on possible emissions outside the borders, emerged with its own strength the domestic market that is here and whose increase is already set new standards, while making helpful contributions to the accounts of the enclaves of the industry of leisure in the country.

It has been said that around one million Cubans are hosted annually on hotels marketed in convertible currency and almost a similar amount on vacation at popular camping facilities, not to mention the large number of people who take advantage of the offers from the private sector and staying in homes in the most attractive cities and tourist areas.

By what we know last year domestic tourists occupied 1 935 045 rooms of this sector, which accounted for 9.1% of the average hotel occupation, as long as this market made revenue of tourist entities grew 21.4%, in 2013, according to data from the national Office of statistics and information.

Taking into account that in this country there is a massive holiday season in the months of July and August, located in the middle of the low stage of foreign emissions, it is easier to give a personalized care as it has been done this year, when a greater efforts have been done and specific offers with discounts and other added values are established to stimulate the entry of nationals to hotels in that period, which always causes a rise in the occupation of the facilities very favorable because “allows to operate them better”, say experts in this industry.

Also, that outcome has a positive impact on the efficiency and profitability of the enclave, the management company and also in the figures at the country level. Logically, that occupation increases revenues and earnings.

Among the contributions related to the entry of Cubans to hotels, it is worth noting, the satisfaction of many foreign guests who like meet people of the visited country and exchange with them, which is recognized among the current tourism trends, from the preferences of the many people who vacation outside their countries for these times. According to the World Tourism Organization, from January to June this year they have traveled the world 517 million, which represented 5% increase, compared to same period in 2013.

There are many aspects that could be mentioned concerning registered rise, after the opening of domestic tourism facilities, very appreciated, by the way, in countries that are committed by this sector as an economic of particular vitality line, since generally the national cover the deficit of the low seasons and give national identity to this industry in every nation, as there are many people accustomed to move in dates of great importance for the country, which gives prominence to the offer.

Logically, other issues which are not quantified in statistics, but of which discussed also and with controversial overtones, are those relating to the prices of holidays packages and other offers in relation to the possibilities of the ordinary Cuban citizen; also refers to complaints about care and sometimes share quality of services provided to nationals in areas of gastronomy and hotels. Other negative situations have to do with the improper behavior of some Cuban guests, and affect the image of the good running of this opening, a segment that is positioning as important to market tourism in Cuba, equal to the Nations who opt for the development of this prominent industry, arising from feelings of honesty to stimulate human fellowship at universal level.

Special offers and their acceptance

A lot has been said about the reception that have had the best offers in the recently-concluded summer – almost all covered the months of July, August and part of September – with specific tourist packages for the domestic market, which includes stays in hotels, the so-called picnics and excursions, will be perfected, as they gain acceptance.

According to recent data national tourism growth ranges between 10-20% annually. About that particular summer of this year stopped promising experiences in terms of the conception of deals aimed at emerging market and with good prospects to hold.

The hotel chains and the travel agencies in the country were prolific in creating special packages both tours and stays in hotels with discount prices, among other attractions. It has been said that institutions looks with good eyes that promise sprouting, as a stable alternative with which work revitalizes and stimulates creativity to attract this audience already playing at the gates of tourism every year, especially when the heat raging, by high atmospheric temperatures.

In the nation’s capital, about 40 thousand Cubans chose to Viajes Cubanacan Habana bids for July and August, figure that ratified it as the leading agency in sales to the domestic market, and in the first half of this year, only in Havana that Agency moved 78 876 domestic vacationers. Although nationally stands out, too, by its majority participation in tenders addressed to the Cuban people.

Perhaps in these results will influence the vocation and professionalism and, up to a motto that distinguishes the Agency and according to Mercedes Abreu Mesa its President: “the presumption, and the dream of travel Cubanacan is make vacationers happy.” We love our work, we do it with joy and that’s what we convey to customers.”

According to data reported by the press, in Varadero, in the 2014 summer the domestic market grew 20.5%, and in August reported the greater influx of nationals toward the main resort.

In the province of Villa Clara, at the center of the country, hotels in the keys to the Northeast and the rest of that territory as a whole reported stays around 2 000 national tourists every day during the summer. In these results stood out Beach Cayo Santa Maria and Hanabanilla hotel.

In the tourist destination of Holguin over 39 thousand clients stayed in July and August, which represented a 24% increase in relation to same period of the previous year. According to transcended press, in these operations, the Club Amigo Atlantic, Guardalavaca and Brisas Guardalavaca, belonging to Cubanacan hotels were the most requested.

An investigation of Cubanacan travel in Holguín, around the internal market, pointed out that offerings of Sun and beach, followed by cultural, are those of preference in domestic tourists, both in Holguin and other tourist destinations.

In addition, it was known that among the programs of the summer season in that territory had great reception hotels Blau, Playa Costa Verde, Playa Pesquero and river turquoise, the Gaviota tourist group, sites like Sun and beach destinations in the North-East of Cuba.

Melia Hotels International, one of the most successful Spanish hotel chains in Cuba, in conjunction with travel agencies, developed an intense campaign to nominate nationals their interesting offers with discounts and other facilities in order to stimulate the demands of enclaves that manages the country.

At the doorways of the peak season

Now, when international tourism peak season is about to start, significantly are reduced domestic vacationers, among Cubans is not custom to enjoy recreational breaks during the winter.

That is why great expectations in the sector are focused in foreign emissions according to statements from the authorities, there is some optimism and they are expected to keep positive signs in indicators measuring the results of the country. As already mentioned, until last August arrivals reported 3.7% growth, moreover, in the middle of the eighth month of the year, announced the arrival of two million visitors to the country.

Internationally recognized to Cuba for their outstanding performance in tourism, especially among the Nations of the Caribbean, area in which occupied the second position by arrivals of travelers in the first half of 2014. Stands out also for great development reached with other modalities such as City tourism, nature, as well as nautical and underwater, activities as well as offer star Sun and beach.

The hotel system has been expanded significantly and now exceeds 62 000 rooms. In this regard, the authorities of the sector speak of prospects continue to grow, and according to the projects, by 2020 the country must have 85 000 capabilities of lodging, from the implementation of new facilities in cities and still Virgin, on the northern coast of the country.

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